My kids’ dad was deported.

I was stopped in the middle of the street, with my kids, while walking to a friends house. The officer had asked me if I had seen my kids’ father and I told him we weren’t together anymore.

The officer said he just wanted to talk to him, so I went and looked for him.  When I found him, we all went to the police station and they arrested him right in front of our kids. The officer had lied to me – he knew they were going to arrest my kids’ dad, but lied to me to find him.

He sat in one jail, then got moved to Des Monies, and then to Louisiana.  Now all my kids want is their dad.  My oldest cries in the middle of the night for his papi.  It makes me not even want to be here anymore – no kid should be without their parent no matter if they are documented or not.

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