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Family Values?


I’m begging for help! Last night my son called a man he met for the first time, ‘daddy.’ October marked a year that my husband has been in Mexico waiting for an interview to return to the U.S. At which time, he will be declined and I will have to file a waiver of hardship for us, his family, all Americans. Fourteen months my son has grown up without a father. How is this in our country’s best interest? Why does no one care? Why is it OK for a family to be torn apart for this amount of time and nothing can be done? He went back by choice to follow the law, but the law has screwed up our lives.

My husband was born in Mexico so he is insignificant. My son is learning that it is better to be raised alone by one parent if one is from Mexico. We are looking at an estimation of another year of my husband being in Mexico. Could you imagine missing two years of your child’s life?

My baby put decorations on the Christmas tree for the first time, but his dad was not part of it. He is starting to have conversations now, but not with his dad. Nothing – NOTHING of my baby’s life is with his father. That’s ridiculous! He will grow an estimation of two years without his dad’s influence. How is this good? Who benefits? I sure know who suffers!

My husband entered the U.S. illegally. I think he has paid his dues. The immigration system is designed to destroy families! The fabric of America only wants those who are born here, or at least those who are NOT from Mexico.

The idea of human beings–the meaning of life-has become insignificant through the U.S. government. Truth, respect, love, patience, faith, caring, compassion, generosity…aren’t these the values ones we want to teach our children? FAMILY VALUES, has two definitions. One I hope to teach my son, and one our government is teaching him. I am ashamed to be an American right now. I tell everyone our story, and people are in shock that this is our government’s system, that no one helps, and that no one cares.

I am pleading–help teach my son that his government does care. Help teach him that family values are important and that having two parents is important. I need my husband! He is a good human being who made a poor decision nine years ago. It is not about getting his ‘papers,’ it is about having our family together.

My husband has earned his ESL degree, enriched my life, and helped create a wonderful child. He is selfless, full of life, happy, funny, a hard worker, willing to compromise, loving, un-judgmental, intelligent, patient and a great teacher…

I am not…well I do not know who you imagine me to be but I can summarize who I am. I graduated from ASU’s Barrett’s Honors College magna cum laude with a BS in Social Behavioral Science and BA in Psychology. I am fluently bilingual in English and Spanish. I have worked with the Arizona state government Arizona-Mexico Commission and worked as a crisis counselor. I am very ethical, honest, intelligent, hard working, active, patient, compassionate, love, full-of-life, and a Christian.

These are our values. This is who we are. I could get countless letters of reference to our good characters. We want to share our life; we want to raise our son together! We want to teach him these things. But, we CANNOT do this when living in two different countries. If it is impossible to get my husband back we will happily move to Mexico, if you know anyone who is hiring. I’d prefer to raise my son in the U.S., but I also prefer that my son grows up with both of us!


To stand with this family, text “Justice” or “justicia” to 69866 and learn more about how we can Keep Families Together.