My name is Brenda and my father was recently taken from my family by ICE.  I had never thought that my family would face this type of situation.

My entire family is undocumented and my father was the provider for the family. I am attending school right now, trying to fulfill a better life and achieve my “American Dream”.

However, this situation has pushed me into a dilemma because  I have to put a pause on my education in order to support my family; and put my dream of an education and a better future on hold.

I not only have 2 siblings to take care of, but I am also pregnant. My father was a great supporter of me and my child.  My father made a mistake and was arrested while driving.  His case is complex to explain but it ended up being an awful situation for him and our family.

I can’t imagine that he would really be deported. What will happen to him? We have no family or relatives there in Mexico. He is too old to find a job in Mexico because the Mexican labor system usually employs people only younger than 40.

I want to fight for the immigration reform. I don’t understand why President Obama can’t just pass the reform. I can’t understand why the immigration system is so messed up. If the majority of Americans were in our shoes, they would CLEARLY understand our situation and would vote for immigration reform.

To stand with Brenda text “Justice” or “justicia” to 69866 and learn more about how we can Keep Families Together.