Punished for Falling in Love


I have no videos or pictures. What I have are words, which could barely describe the past year and a half.

My husband, who I have been married to for 11 years, was pulled over by policeman on July 2011 for a cracked windshield and was arrested for not having a driver’s license, which he wanted desperately but couldn’t get due to his undocumented status. The next morning, ICE picked him up and took him to Indianapolis. That was the first time in over a decade that we would have been apart. I was crying, praying, screaming and almost having a stroke. Finally, he called. He was crying and saying that they were sending him back to Mexico.

I felt like I lost him. He’s such a wonderful man and I always believe it’s his goodness that brought him to the U.S. He came to the U.S. through a dangerous journey because of his aged mother. That’s something I really want people who are anti-immigrant or xenophobic to understand, they come because of the desperation in their lives rather than being bored and wanting to live it up.

My husband was choking when he was telling me on the phone that he would be deported. I couldn’t stop screaming. For some reason, the agent who was processing his status changed his mind and placed my husband on pending for removal proceedings.  Back then, we had tried to have things done through a legal pathway, but we had only horrible experiences such as the lawyer taking our money and then running away. And this time, the lawyer recommended by ICE didn’t show up on our hearing date because she said she didn’t receive the receipt number for I130. It made us show up to the court alone and terrified. The judge then rescheduled another hearing for us, but we have no more money to afford another lawyer.

We have never received any government assistance. I have medical issues that prevent me from work; my husband works and takes care of me totally. My husband is everything for me. I have even more serious anxiety right now and have to rely on medications. The stress and medications make my hair come off. I couldn’t sleep.

This is the reality for my current life and I know it’s also the life of countless others. We have laws, I understand it; however, some laws are outdated and no longer justified, and that need to be fixed. Compassion goes a long way, unfortunately, so does hate.

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